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Coach Slow’s Ultimate NFL Leadership Web Clinic!


welcome to

Coach Slow’s Ultimate NFL Leadership Web Clinic!


Coach Slowik’s NFL Leadership Course

These lessons in leadership and teamwork don’t just resonate with athletes and other coaches; but with professionals in the business community who contend with challenges daily.

Coach Slow’s BOOT CAMP STYLE WEB CLINIC will inspire professionals from all walks of life to achieve their objectives, leave a positive leadership legacy, and have the mindset to tackle every game day head on.

Whether you’re an expert coach, a leader, a manager, a contender for anything in life, the information in this leadership course can be used to improve your leadership and team building skills.

Built on concrete strategies, you’ll be inspired to:

Be the Relentless Competitor
Be the Genuine Leader
Be the Respected Team Member

7 Modules
29 Lessons
A Lifetime of Leadership and Mindset Strategies

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Created as an affordable alternative to a custom course, this is your opportunity to tap into the brain trust of a born leader who taught effective leadership and motivation and who experienced first-hand what it takes to face and conquer the competition.

  • Learn the laser focus taught to an elite class of professional athletes
  • Improve your leadership and team building skills, or acquire new ones
  • Apply these lessons to everyday life to achieve the level of success you envision
Ready to Get in the Game?
If not now, when?
This is where your journey begins. It’s time.
– Coach Slow


Here’s What Other Successful Leaders are Saying About Coach Slow!

“Leadership is the ability to teach others to lead.” My first NFL coaching job came under Bob Slowik. I was his Quality Control Coach and he was the Defensive Coordinator of the Chicago Bears. Bob was our Coach, Teacher and Leader, but to me he was more, he was a Mentor. He knows how to motivate and communicate with others to become more than they thought they could. I am an example of his ability to help and shape leaders.

– Ron Rivera,
Carolina Panthers Head Coach

When Coach Slow was my coach when I played for the Broncos, I never thought I’d eventually be hired by FOX Sports NFL as an analyst, or even to be given the opportunity as GM of the 49ers. I would bet then that Bob didn’t think he’d find himself as the author of a book, the founder of a web coaching clinic on leadership, or traveling across the country giving keynote addresses. But here we are. Taking our years of hard and often grueling work, to share what we have learned. I wish him the best, because he is a different kind of leader. The kind you can learn from.

– John Lynch,
GM of the San Francisco 49ers

Coach Slow worked for me as a position coach when I was the defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. He loved the game as I did, and worked tirelessly over our four years together on that coaching staff. Bob puts passion and immense energy into everything he does. He understands the dynamics of leadership. He understands how to demonstrate it and how to teach it. He’s a standup guy with a 35-year career communicating to people how to live what they want.

– Jim Haslett,
Former NFL head coach and defensive coordinator,
now coaching for the Cincinnati Bengals

I had the opportunity to present with Coach Slowik at the 2017 California Payroll Conference where he spoke to our group about Effective Leadership. The workshop was wonderful and certainly worth attending. Coach Slow has the best enthusiasm for what he was teaching and interest in helping each one of us. The leadership slogans that he presented during the time he was with us were taken back by many of our attendees and I see them using them in our communications today. There are very few speakers who can take common sense material and make it new and fresh.  His ability to reference his own successes and failures and turn them into learning moments is invaluable. Attending the workshop was one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made, and I will enthusiastically endorse this workshop to others.

– Dee Byrd,
PayTech Inc.

I’ve known Bob Slowik since back in our Dallas Cowboy’s coaching days in the early nineties and when I coached the Chicago Bears. He was then, like he is today, a natural leader with the ability to teach the complexities of team dynamics in a goal-oriented setting. If there’s anyone to take a cue on leadership from, it’s Coach Slow!

– Dave Wannstedt,
FOX Sports NFL and college football studio analyst

I saw Bob Slowik deliver the keynote at a recent industry event in California. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I don’t know much about football and didn’t really see how it could relate to myself or my team. What I found was that leadership is leadership is leadership. And when you hear stories of perseverance and leading a team to victory under the worst of circumstances you find yourself being able to relate. You find yourself believing in impossible. He was in a word “inspirational” and there were times during his presentation you could actually hear a pin drop because you could feel how genuine his passion is about helping other leaders face what we face.

– Karyn Wild,
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